Greetings from Madrid

Happy 2016 from Madrid, Spain!

It’s been way too long. Like way way WAY too long. I’ve told myself time and again I would get back into blogging, but something always seems to come up. By “something,” I mean Netflix. Let’s be real though. You couldn’t honestly expect me to be blogging while the rest of the world was watching Making a Murderer?! Peer pressure! I was essentially forced to binge!

I digress.

Seriously, no more excuses. It’s pretty sad I haven’t posted since March of last year. It’s especially sad because I have loads of exciting things going on that I want to share!

So, I’m back.

In 2016, you will witness the return of the Backpacking Brunette. My tentative plan is to post every Wednesday. I need to fill you in on life in Spain, and I want to get back to sharing my adventures.

Yay! I’m so excited to get started. I’ve got this major surge of energy (even though I’m battling a head cold), and I feel like I could tell you everything about everything right this second. However, it’s better to pace myself. Blogging is a marathon. Not a sprint. All in good time and whatnot.

As always, thank you for reading. I’ll leave you with a travel quote I find particularly inspiring. Enjoy.


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