BB Monthly Recap: November 2016

I’m not going to lie: November was a long month. Long and trying. As I write this monthly recap, it’s hard to think about anything other than the decision American voters made on Nov. 8.  A difficult month is behind us but more are ahead.

Read on for the highlights and challenges of November in my monthly recap!

Image Credit: Juan Tiagues (Text Overlay: Backpacking Brunette)

In the face of recent events, I’ve never been more certain of my decisions to live abroad and learn a second language. As a traveler, I firmly believe people should explore the world, not fear it. We should embrace other cultures, not ostracize them. “The more I traveled the more I realized that fear makes strangers of people who should be friends,” actress Shirley MacLaine said when reflecting on her lifetime of travels. I couldn’t agree more, and as a reader of the blog, I hope you feel the same.

Destinations Visited

  • Madrid, Spain
  • Alalpardo, Spain 
  • Logroño, La Rioja, Spain 


Writing. At the start of November, I challenged myself to post on this blog twice a week for the entire month. Mission accomplished! I’ve also been producing weekly content for Devour Madrid. It makes me feel good to be writing again, and I’m genuinely proud  of the content I produced this month. I plan to keep the momentum going through December and into the new year.

Lunch with my former host family. This month, I finally had the opportunity to reconnect with my former host family, or as I prefer to call them, my familia española (Spanish family). I hadn’t seen them since June! I took the bus out to my old stomping grounds in Alalpardo, a pueblo just northeast of Madrid, for lunch and an afternoon of catching up. My madre española, Verónica, commented on how much my Spanish has improved. After all the work I’ve been putting in, that felt great to hear.

Read on for the highlights and challenges of November in my monthly recap!
My host family and me on my last day as their au pair in 2014.


Thanksgiving in Madrid. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I wasn’t surprised to find myself feeling a little homesick last Thursday morning. After a full day of work and private classes, I went over to my friend’s apartment. Also an American, she hosted a Thanksgiving get-together. We didn’t eat any turkey or mashed potatoes (we ordered pizza), but that didn’t matter. Just before eating, we took turns saying what we were thankful for. We were all grateful for our lives abroad and the people we’ve met along the way. Regardless of where you are in the world, the community you surround yourself with is what makes a place a home

Visiting Logroño. No self-respecting wine lover can live in Spain and not visit La Rioja. Just a four-hour bus ride from Madrid, I had been dying to go for ages and finally visited this past weekend. After a tough month, it was just what I needed. Tapas and wine followed by more tapas and wine. Oh, take me back! I’m planning on writing a post all about visiting Logroño, so look for that on the blog in December.

Read on for the highlights and challenges of November in my monthly recap!
Logroño is a city along the Camino de Santiago. Image Credit: Jose Manuel


Election night. The night of the election, I went to a viewing party hosted by Democrats Abroad. When I walked in, the vibe was incredible. Everyone was certain we’d be celebrating Hillary’s victory. Music and drinks all around. Then the results started coming in, and the mood, as I’m sure you can imagine, changed dramatically. Like myself, many attendees were expats and had been abroad for the majority of the campaign. If people living in the U.S. thought Trump voters came out of the woodwork, try to imagine how people living abroad felt. Having never actually spoken to a Trump supporter, I was caught completely and totally off guard. Blindsided.

When I finally went to sleep around 7 a.m. Madrid time on Nov. 9, I was heartbroken. To be honest, I’m still heartbroken…but in the pissed off sense. Like, okay, let’s dance, motherf*cker. I’m not giving up.  I can still and will be an agent for change by supporting hardworking organizations and collaborating with like-minded individuals. We have far too much work to do to despair.

What I Read, Watched and Heard

Read: The Handmaid’s TaleIf you haven’t read The Handmaid’s Tale, please close out of this blog and go find a copy right now. Yes, I’m turning away readers because that’s how important this book is. Mid-November, my book club held its first meeting, and we talked about HT for over two hours. We had an incredibly thought-provoking discussion. Even though it was written 30some years ago, readers will undoubtedly find The Handmaid’s Tale as relevant as ever.

Watched: American Horror Story. Any other AHS fans out there? After last year’s epic Hotel season, I had high hopes for this year’s My Roanoke Nightmare. Roanoke started out strong and had some seriously spooky moments but then just fell flat. I haven’t even watched the two most recent episodes. Walking Dead will be wrapping up soon, so, I’m taking recommendations for a show to watch during winter break. If you have one, send it my way!

Heard: Juniore. The host of my fave podcast, Popoganda, recommended this band. Juniore (yes, with an extra “e”) is a female band from France. I don’t even care that I can’t understand a single lyric. The lead singer’s voice has a mysterious 60s vibe that I totally dig. My favorite song is “Christine”.

Read on for the highlights and challenges of November in my monthly recap!
Juniore will have you thinking about Paris. Image Credit: Moyan Brenn

Coming Up in December 2016

I’m going home for the holidays! Michigan, here I come! When I left for Spain in September, I didn’t think I’d be back in Michigan until July at the earliest. Like last year, I planned on spending winter break in Europe. Then in October, I just decided a white Christmas in the Midwest sounded nice. I’m really looking forward to spending Christmas, New Year’s and my 25th birthday with family and friends.

Read on for the highlights and challenges of November in my monthly recap!
My family and me in Sevilla last Christmas.


Do you have any December travel plans? Also, if you have a blog, do you write a monthly recap?

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