Day 45

Yesterday was day 45. If I’m not able to get a visa (which is looking unlikely at this point), day 45 marked the halfway point of my stay in Spain. Totally. Freaking. Cray.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, my first thought was: I arrived in Spain 45 days ago. My second thought was: I leave Spain in 45 days. Both sentiments are bittersweet.

I miss my family and friends in the States. Without a doubt, there are a few people I’m most definitely looking forward to getting back to.

At the same time, I now have family and friends in Spain. I’ve got life in Madrid pretty well figured out (finally), and I don’t want to think about how hard it is going to be to say goodbye to my second home.

Oh well, there’s no point on dwelling on it either way. The next 45 days are going to go by all the same whether I’m ticking them off on a calendar or crying myself to sleep every night. I didn’t miss the invention of time travel while I’ve been away, right?

With the first half of my stay over, I’m looking at these last 45 days like crunch time. I want to get to the most out of Madrid and my au pair experience as I possibly can. Finally having the hang of Spanish life should make this easier.

My first priority is my Spanish.

I want to continue to dedicate myself to my studies, and when I leave Madrid, my plan is to have completed both intermediate levels (B1 and B2). In order to reach that goal, I will need to spend more time studying at home and practice my conversational Spanish every chance I get.

My second priority is exploring Madrid.

Like so many other young expats, I have a tendency to get caught up in my city’s nightlife. I sometimes forget that there’s more to Madrid than just wine, tapas and staying out until 6 a.m.–although that is a big part of life here!

In order to achieve this second goal, I’ve mapped out my remaining weekends in Spain. I only have six weekends left! Without being too anal, I’m going to try to plan out my remaining free time. That way, I can continue ticking activities off my Madrid to-do list. I’m all about efficiency over here.

Between the five days I spent here in May and my first 45 days as an au pair, I’ve seen and done a lot in Madrid. Of course, there’s always more! Just to give you an idea of my itinerary…I’m planning on visiting the Thyssen, touring the Palacio Real, eating at the San Miguel Mercado and dancing the night away at Kapital.

I’d also like to visit at least two Spanish cities other than Madrid. This weekend, I’m going with friends to Salamanca. Additionally, I’m considering a trip to Sevilla over Halloween weekend.

If you’ve been to Madrid, what sights and/or activities do you think I need to include? If you haven’t been to Madrid, can you give me any general advice regarding how to get the most out of a city?

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